Ultimate Series 110 and Ultimate Series 220

The Ultimate Series 110 comes with a powerful 1.5 hp motor producing up to 38PSI of water pressure. The Ultimate Series 110 requires a dedicated electrical line.

The Ultimate Series 220 comes with a commanding 4 hp motor producing up to 48PSI of water pressure. The Ultimate Series 220 needs a 220/240 dedicated line and accomodates 15, 20, or 25 amps. Both Series models are equipped with the Quatro Wave System.

H2O Massage System

Durable thermal fiberglass construction


Custom color vinyl bed top


Powerful Quatro Wave System inside every H2O Massage SystemQuatro Wave system


Ultimate Series handheld control (Optional digital touchscreen available)Control Pad and Optional Touchscreen Pad


Rollers for easy moveability

Both Ultimate Series H2O Massage Systems are manufactured to the highest standards and are a completely self-contained massage system. Built of a highly durable fiberglass exterior giving it a streamlined, modern design that would look great in a home or business environment.

The Ultimate Series beds are known for superior performance and ultra quiet jets provided by the innovative Quatro Wave System. The strategically placed rotating jets of warm water massages the user and produces exhilarating power and comfort that defines this water massage as the most advanced system available today.

The Ultimate Series massage systems come with a customer friendly electronic remote and can be upgraded to a digital touchscreen. At the touch of a button the user has complete control. The user can fully customize their massage by focusing on a specific body area; neck, back, thighs, legs, in any sequence or a complete overall body massage. The control allows you to adjust the water intensity from a gentle massage to a deep tissue massage while also being able to control the travel speed of the jets; high, medium, or low.

The Ultimate Series 110 and 220 comes with a built-in heater, to help maintain the water temperature when not in use.

Hand held remote let’s the user have full control of their massage.
Using H2O Massage System Control Pad
State of the art touch screen display can enhance any H2O Massage experience.
H2O Massgae System with Touchscreen

Touchscreen Controls

Total Control

  • You have complete control over massage duration, from 5 minutes to an hour, remote keeps track of time and number of sessions
  • Thermal insulated side panels
  • Complete sales and marketing CD
  • No plumbing required, and no special electrical needs
  • No external equipment (aside from remote, or digital touchscreen controls), H2O Massage Systems are completely self-contained

Available Options:

  • Upgrade to the Digital Touchscreen
  • Cloth or vinyl massage unit top cover
  • A large variety of massage unit top cover colour options
  • H2O Key System, or T-Max
  • CD Player with a variety music options
  • Bose Noise Reducing Headphones
  • Cervical pillow
H2O Massage System Diagram


    • Height/with wheels 24″/26″
    • Length 89″
    • Width 38″
    • Height of Surface 28″
    • Weight when filled with water 575 lbs
    • Shipping Weight 425 lbs


  • Electrical Specs Ultimate Series 110 – 110v/15 Amp (Dedicated circuit)
  • Electrical Specs Ultimate Series 220 – 220v/240v/15, 20, or 25 Amp (Dedicated circuit)
  • Internal Timer 5-60 minutes
  • Remote Timer H2OKeys/T-max & Computer POS compatible
  • Distilled Water 25 Gallons
  • Change Water Every 9 months
  • Thermostat/Temp 90° – 115°
  • Cooling System Built-in

Warranty Information

The H2O Massage Ultimate Series is designed to provide you with many years of trouble-free, reliable service. We use only the finest components and make every effort to assure that each unit meets our exacting standards. Should you ever need service, we have technicians throughout the country that are only a phone call away.

  • Tub and Frame 5 years
  • Mechanical 2 years
  • Labour 90 Days
H2O Massage System